Kool Kitty is a small in home cattery, specializing in pure bred Persians and Himalyayns with champion bloodlines . Our cats are a part of our family and we pamper them! We do not cage our animals. Our babies are handled and socialized with people and dogs from day one! Our goal is to produce healthy, loving, well socialized kittens who fit the CFA standards.

We only breed PKD negative cats.

My inspiration for starting this cattery is my late cat Lilly, who was a Chocolate Tortie Point Himalayan. Lilly was my first baby. She was my best friend. Lilly went everywhere with me! She came to work with me. She traveled with me on vacations. She waited for me at the door when she was left home. She loved kisses and cuddles. She died two years ago from cancer and I still miss her! When she died I decided I wanted to breed kittens like her so that other people could experience the same wonderful bond and love that I had with Lilly. Persians and Himalayans are known for their amazing temperament. They act “dog like” in the way they bond with their care taker. I am committed to produce the healthiest, happiest, most loved kittens in the world! I will strive to improve the type of Persians and Himalayans to create the type of heavy short and cobby body, tiny ears, very big beautiful eyes, and thick furry coats and adorable squishy, fluffy faces.